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Hotel design

Bo Derek, 67, showcases her age-defying beauty in a plunging green cardigan as she attends Filming Italy Festival in Sardinia


The 67-year-old model proved she has barely aged a day as she hit the red carpet with a subtle swipe of makeup.

King’s former school turned blind eye to child abuse for decades, says inquiry


Report uncovers evidence of sexual grooming and racism at Gordonstoun from 1970s to early 1990s, amid ‘code of silence’ between pupils

Gavin Newsom impersonator Josh Meyers sets the internet ablaze with incredible spoof of California governor: 'I only vape Merlot'


A comedian's impersonation of liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom exaggerating the lefty's eccentricities has made a viral mark.

Dakota Johnson suffers wardrobe malfunction while promoting upcoming R-rated movie Daddio on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC


Dakota Johnson, 34, suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Wednesday while promoting Daddio on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.

Booking.com probes ‘nightmare dungeon’ Scotland fans were placed in for Euros trip stay


Rory Bradley and friends left stunned as they are housed in accommodation that would not look out of place ‘in a murder film’

Nicola Bulley’s family to give ‘definitive record’ of her life in documentary


Programme to be aired later this year will delve into why the 45-year-old’s disappearance sparked a frenzy of speculation

Jesy Nelson shows off her figure in a tiny thong bikini as she celebrates her 33rd birthday with boyfriend Zion Foster


The singer, 33, slipped into a tiny bikini for her 33rd birthday celebrations with boyfriend Zion Foster.

Innocence Project director is outed for exchanging intimate messages and videos with convicted murderer who demanded $2 million to keep their prison romance secret - as their saucy texts are revealed


Convicted murderer Marritte Funches claims that lawyer Paige Kaneb sent him sexually explicit messages in a bid to ensure his co-operation in securing the release of her client

International Influencers in Wenzhou: Our Life Is the Best “China Story”


For Sumayyah Hosany, from Mauritius, China is wonderful. A video of her explaining China’s COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines to her family was watched by more 250,000 people after it was uploaded to the internet, earning her overnight fame.

Beijing 2022 mascot: Everybody is looking for it!


What is the hottest item each and every athlete participating in the Winter Olympics wants to own? The must-buy item, Bing Dwen Dwen. If you are so lucky that you have one, put it in a safe place!  Why ?  On 2nd of February 2022 a lot of tourists flocked to Heilongjiang, hoping to buy one, only to find that it (and its related souvenirs) were sold out a few days before they visited there.

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